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Olvebra more than 65 years ago started the cycle of industrialization of soy in Brazil.

We were the first company in the world to manufacture powdered soy extract.

Olvebra, after researching and testing products and functional ingredients, consolidates its participation in the industrial market, introducing an innovative concept for food production, offering a line with more than 20 items. These items can be applied in the most diverse products, from dairy specialties, proteinized fruit juices, to meat sausages, also passing through the bread, biscuit, pasta and chocolate industry, not forgetting typical products such as Tofu.

Olvebra Industrial S/A is located in Eldorado do Sul, a municipality in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre in south Brazil. In our industrial park, with more than 100,000 square meters, the Food, Extracts and Oil Refining factories are installed.

In 1955, Charles Kung Wei Tse and Sheun Ming Ling, Chinese immigrants, started in Santa Rosa, in the missionary region of RS, a job whose fruits became the complex of companies that later formed the OLVEBRA GROUP. In August 1978, in the City of Guaíba (currently in the municipality of Eldorado do Sul) – RS, Olvebra installed the most modern industrial unit in Latin America for the production of foods derived from soybeans, characterized by their high protein value. Throughout its existence, the Olvebra Group has undergone several changes in its organizational structure, motivated by acquisitions, creations and incorporations of companies.

Olvebra uses only non-GM soy in our retail products.

With a range of more than 60 items of retail products that meet the most diverse food needs.

The Food Division is present in the market with a line of products aimed at people with specific dietary needs, such as diets without lactose, gluten, without animal milk protein, without sugar, vegetarianism, dietary reeducation, weight loss, and also to the public that seeks in food a healthier way of living, thus following world trends.