Provesol IF is a 100% soluble extract obtained through the aqueous extraction process of proteins from white non-GMO soy flour (whte flour) under strict thermal control in a similar way of having proteins with the highest possible resistance to coagulation in PH drinks and also greater stability / protein content in powder mix and supplements.

Use: Production of powder mix – supplements: Indicated in the formulation of powder mix protein – supplements for athletes. Due to its high protein content (60%), it is 100% soluble and with a totally neutral flavor, it makes the ideal product for this type of formulation.


The insoluble soy extract Profiber is a product that was developed to combine the functionalities of the fiber with the soy protein in the formulation of processed meat products (hamburger, mortadella, meatballs, etc). This combination of fiber with soy protein works like a sponge where the fiber absorbs water and the protein reacts with it, preventing it from becoming free water.


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