Provesol IF is a 100% soluble extract obtained through the aqueous extraction process of proteins from white non-GMO soy flour (whte flour) under strict thermal control in a similar way of having proteins with the highest possible resistance to coagulation in PH drinks and also greater stability / protein content in powder mix and supplements.

Use: Production of powder mix – supplements: Indicated in the formulation of powder mix protein – supplements for athletes. Due to its high protein content (60%), it is 100% soluble and with a totally neutral flavor, it makes the ideal product for this type of formulation.


Organic Provesol PSA is a 100% soluble powdered soybean extract (this product is obtained through the aqueous extraction of the proteins present in the Organic soy bean) with a content of 44% protein and 26% fat.

Use: As a substitute for animal milk in the production of organic products (creams, cakes, sauces, mayonnaise, 100% vegetable milk drinks, ice cream, tofus, etc.)

Provesol PSA is a 100% soluble extract obtained from the aqueous extraction of white non-GMO soy flour (soy white flour). It is used as a substitute for animal milk in formulations of 100% vegetable products with dairy characteristics.

Use:  bakery: Indicated to replace animal milk in the formulation of breads, biscuits, cakes and biscuits. Soup production: Indicated for use in the formulation of instant soups giving the final product in addition to protein enrichment adequate texture. Sauces and mayonnaise production.


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