PROVESOL PS 60, due to its functional properties and protein efficiency, is indicated for application in meat based products like ham, hamburgers, meat-balls, comminuted and emulsified meat products (sausages, patés, etc), added directly to the mass, in emulsion or gel preparations, for use in solutions for injection into chickens, beef, pork, etc.

Protex PTS was specially developed to be applied as extender of meat or as a source of protein, keeping the texture, aspect and flavor of food where it is used. – In powder form for fine mass (sausages, etc), In granulate form for products medium and large crushed (hamburgers, meat ball, etc).

The insoluble soy extract Profiber is a product that was developed to combine the functionalities of the fiber with the soy protein in the formulation of processed meat products (hamburger, mortadella, meatballs, etc). Profiber F gives structure to the mass, improves the bite quality of the product, increases the water absorption capacity, without the loss of liquids after the finished product.


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