PROFIBER F is a 100% natural product, obtained from water based extraction of the insoluble components from defatted soy meal. Submitted to an adequate heat treatment in order to inactivate antinutritional and microbiological factors, it is free of chemical additives. Presents high content of fiber and protein characterizing a product with exclusive texture and structure, providing high water and fat retention. 


Profiber F is an alternative for use in bakery industry for the production of mainly light bread. Due to the composition of Profiber F (half soy protein and half soy fiber), when added to the bread dough it ensures that it absorbs more water (fiber action present in the profiber) without reducing its shelf life and and the soy protein present in Profiber) reacts with the gluten chain, fortifying it, which makes the bread have a better crumb structure.


Color: Beige
Aspect: Fine Powder
Taste: Characteristic


Approx. Composition in 100g of Product

Dietary fiber: 45,0 g
Moisture: 6,0 g
Lipids: 1,0 g
Carbohydrates: 3,0 g
Protein: 39,0 g
Ash: 6,0 g
Calories: 177 Cal


Total Plate Count: max. 2,0 x 10⁴ UFC/g
Total Coliforms: max. 50 NMP/g
Fecal Coliforms: max. 10 NMP/g
Salmonella: not present in 25 g
Yeasts and Moulds: max. 1,0 x 10³ UFC/g

Products NON-GMO (Directive 2001/18 EC, TRESHOLD for Accidental or Technically in avoidable Contamination Max 0, 9%)



PROFIBER F is packaged in a multi wall Kraft paper bag, internally covered by a polyethylene bag, With 20 kg net weight.


PROFIBER F shall be stocked in its original package, on pallets in a dry and fresh place, free of insects and rodents. Keep the package closed in a correct way while it is not in use.


12 (twelve) months