Provesol SM-N is a soluble extract of powdered soy obtained from white non-GMO soy flour (soy white flour) developed for use in formulations of products similar to dairy-based products Use: Tofu cheese production, as it has its chemical composition standardized, (protein, fat, moisture) is ideal to be used in the manufacture of Tofu. Tofu produced directly from soybeans usually show variations in their chemical composition (directly depend on the quality of the grain used which varies frequently) which causes a change in the yield of the final product. As Provesol SM-N is powdered it also has advantages when compared to the use of soybean in the manufacture of tofu, because the grain in addition to storage problems (appropriate location, infestations, etc.) when using soybeans you need consume all the protein extracted immediately in the production of the cheese (sour material quickly) and when you use the Provesol SM-N you can prepare the batch of the exact size of the desired consumption.

Organic Provesol PSA is a 100% soluble powdered soybean extract (this product is obtained through the aqueous extraction of the proteins present in the Organic soy bean) with a content of 44% protein and 26% fat.

Use: As a substitute for animal milk in the production of organic products (creams, cakes, sauces, mayonnaise, 100% vegetable milk drinks, ice cream, tofus, etc.)


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